The veil grows thin at the time of the dead,
As we honor our ancestors, in whose footsteps we tread,
Life retreats into the bulbs and the roots,
The time has passed for the flowers and fruits,
As leaves fall thick and carpet the ground,
The Dark Mother awaits in silence profound,
Now is the time for the apple feasts,
Time stands still for human and beasts,
Seek the wisdom of days gone by,
To deal with the past and let it lie,
Face your shadow and accept your faults,
Look now to the future to seek your results.
At All Hallows’ tide, may the gods keep you safe,
From goblin, and pooka, and black-hearted stranger,
From harm of the water and hurt of the fire,
From thorns of the bramble and all other danger,
From Will O’ The Wisp haunting the mire,
From stumbles and tumbles and tricksters to vex you,
May the gods in their mercy,
This week protect you.

Blessed be the ancestors the ones whom life has fled.
Tonight we merry meet again, our own beloved dead.
The wheel of the year turns on, a new year in our sights.
The maiden has become the crone, we celebrate this night.

Blessed be for a bountiful harvest,
As the tide quickly turns into darkness,
Blessed be for fine family and friends,
For our abundance of fruits, roots, and breads,
Blessed be to the Mother, who nurtures with care,
Our thanks be to Samhain, huge crops she did bear.
Wishes to all a blessed All Hallows’ Eve and Samhain!